At Executive Personal Concierge, we are completely hands on and pride ourselves on gaining an intimate knowledge of each client, ensuring unprecedented service, personalised guidance and exceptional results; setting a very high standard within the service industry. Other than customer satisfaction, confidentiality is one of our top priorities; therefore, we guarantee discretion at all times. With highly skilled and dedicated staff, we will ensure that your requests are fulfilled seamlessly through a network of professional resources, offering you unique advantages and practical assistance to help you run your life.


Executive Personal Concierge Mission

Executive Personal Concierge values honest, fair, and ethical behaviour. We are committed to improving the wellbeing of individuals and businesses by helping to alleviate stress. We strive to become a leader in Concierge Services and never lose sight of our customers and their needs.

Executive Personal Concierge is a Melbourne City based business created to assist busy individuals and businesses alike.

We will be happy to set up a service tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Call us today to set up a free consultation.

Our goal is to simplify your life.

Make just one call to us, and we will do the rest!

Executive Personal Concierge Services:

Executive Personal Concierge can help you never to:

  • wait in line at Vic roads again
  • wait on hold for customer service
  • sit in the house waiting for Foxtel or Repairman (Plumber, Builder etc...)
  • make another reservation again
  • do shopping
  • worry about getting anywhere on time
  • worry about being reminded for an event again (BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY)

Enough already
Let us do it for you!


In the Press


Outsourcing Made Easy

Is your to-do list never-ending?
Can’t get away from work to meet a tradesperson?
Don’t want to spend your whole weekend researching accommodation for your next holiday?

If so, Executive Personal Concierge, based right here in Docklands, might be able to help you out.

Docklands resident Margaret Cairns started the business mid-last year (2013) with the aim of providing a service that takes the pressure off people and allows them to make the most of their time.  

Her clients range from busy professionals and parents to seniors and business owners, for whom she offers a range of different services.

Executive Personal Concierge can help with party planning, picking up gifts, making appointments, researching and booking holidays, taking care of pets, picking up dry-cleaning or doing your grocery shopping.

“I do whatever you need to be done that you don’t want to be running around doing on your lunch hour,” Mrs Cairns said

According to Mrs Cairns a lot of the work she does involves completing research and online tasks for her clients.

“I recently had a client who wanted to buy a new camera so I did some research on the best deals on different kinds of cameras.”

“I cut out all of those time-consuming tasks sitting in front of the computer when you could be spending time with your kids,” Mrs Cairns said.

Executive Personal Concierge also assists small businesses that might need someone to do a few hours of filing, admin work or other odd jobs.

“It’s a new concept to feel free to outsource. You don’t have to spend all of your free time doing time-consuming tasks,” she said.

Mrs Cairns charges $50 per hour for her personal concierge services and charges in 15-minute increments, which means you only pay for the time you use.

For example, if you pre-pay for an hour of assistance but the task you set only takes half that time you’ll have half an hour in credit with up to 12 months to use it.

You can also pre-pay for blocks of four, eight or 12 hours, at a discounted hourly rate, which also remain in credit for up to 12 months.

“Really it’s like having your own personal assistant at home or at work that you don’t have to pay a full-time wage to,” Mrs Cairns said.

You can contact Executive Personal Concierge by calling Margaret on 0418 694 994 or emailing info@executivepc.com.au

See http://www.executivepersonalconcierge.com.au for more information.




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